2009 Africa ...TLB

10th july, Festival Invito alla danza, Rome

Concept and choreography: Vanessa Tamburi - Music: Adel Borislavov Karanov - Percussion live: Thern Gueye, Ismahel Jakate - African traditional dances: Ismail Kante, Jean Ndiaye - Light design: Dominic Martino - Costumes: Vanessa Tamburi - Video: Andrea Paciotto - Video Processing: Nassos Chatzopoulos - Choreography assistant: Pia Russo - Cast: Ina Broeckx, Francesca Dario, Natalia Palshina, Vito Alfarano, Marco Magrini, Bruno Valentino Perillo.

The show inspired by a trip to Rwanda and Burundi, expressing a wish to share human and civil against the history of the Rwandan genocide who is also the story of the indifference of the Western World in  front of dramatic events, but perceived as different from their own interests . Today, 15 years after the genocide, there remain many open questions with no answer. Africa: The Last Beat is a mixture of creative movement, choreography and visual- Traditional / innovative - movement of digital imagery and rhythmic movement / sound.

The project builds on the work of composer Adel Karanov, director and choreographer Vanessa Tamburi and also connects traditional forms of expression, as  the Drummers of Burundi and the movements of African dance, with video, electronic music and contemporary dance. The rhythm of Burundi drums is one of the most original expression of traditional African sounds with a result of enormous intensity and energy. In the project's rhythm is understood as more natural and primordial as a synonym for life and inner pulse of our heart, as external dynamics to life, our time and scan for our movements, such as pause, or the mysterious movement of our imagination and finally, no less important, as the rhythm of our ego, extrapolation of the pain and the pursuit of hope