Wakudoki 2016


Oct 22 - Time2dance Festival /Toyota event, Dar es Salaam

Concept, Direction and Visual: Uovoquadrato - Italy/Tanzania

Sound design: Filippo Quaglia aka FILOQ- Italy

Life voice: Giulietta Passera (Mangaboo, The Sweet Life Society) - Italy

Coreography: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO dance project Italy/USA

Performers: MuDa Africa Dancers

Choir: Tanzanian choir


Ordinary and traditional patterns of movement in a dynamic puzzle of One of the fundamental principles of the community is the culture of landscape. The landscape is in fact the terrain from which the cultural identity of every society takes shape, the landscape heritage must be observed, known and protected, allowing to grow in the present and to transmit to future generations.

In the project the movement, the voice, the sound, the image, blend harmoniously creating a poetic and emotional vision and enveloping viewers in a dense and evocative atmosphere. Video images, live voices, sounds and performers form the flow of the performance through an organic architecture of interactions that is similar to a symphonic composition.