FLUSSO Dance Project & Visa 2 Dance Company

FLUSSO Dance Project collaborated with Visa 2 Dance company for VISA 2 DANCE 2009, Contemporary Dance Festival in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The aim is to realize a new production on choreographic work, that support the idea of cultural exchange, based on the objective of developing local contemporary dance research, in relation to international contemporary dance research. The interaction and fusion of two cultural identities with different backgrounds lead to the important goal of creating original and unique dance forms and contents. The title's piece is BLACK IN WHITE and choreographed by Vanessa Tamburi.

Visa 2 Dance Company

Visa 2 Dance – the name  is a reminder of the essential passport document required for dancers to travel abroad and share their work.  Many have missed opportunities because of the difficulties in getting a visa. The logo of the festival represents a visa stamp, granting the permission to dance. The company's theme is "creativity beyond the form".  The form- meaning the roots or traditional steps from which we first learnt how to dance. Dancers move away from their roots. They create beyond the form. The company aim to develop Contemporary Dance and Choreographic Research in Tanzania through activities (workshops, exchange forums, events )and performances in Tanzania and outside the country. Visa 2 Dance focus on reinforcing dance skills, rigour, team spirit and emphasize creativity and openness to change, in young talents and vulnarable and disadvantage youth. These skills contribute to creating individuals better prepared to face the challenges of Tanzania’s future

Artistic Director: Aloyce Makonde

Artistic Adviser & coordinator: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO dance project

Coordinator & fundraising: Rachel Kessi / MAWAZO Gallery

Technical Director: Aclay Mwalusamba

Sound & light system: Eventlites

Stage Manager: Fujo Makaranga

Stage set up: The Works

Press Office: Mawazo Gallery – Grace

Artwork: Blau Design ltd.

Dancers: Islam Awadhi, Swema Abdallah, Pili Hassani, Mzome Mahmoud, Isack Peter, Aloyce Makonde, Sabrina Vis, Deograsia Ndunguru, Jamila Bakari, Ally Nassoro, Salum Saidi, Secky Hamadi, Samson Joseph, Saidi Ally, Honoratha Ngitu, Ian Mwaisunga, Habibu Bajuni, Mwanaima Mrutu