2007 ATEM

Teatro Greco, Rome 5th October 2007

Choreography: Bruno Valentino Perillo

Music: Philippe Glass

Light & Costumes: Bruno Valentino Perillo

Length: 10 minutes

Dancers: Garzia Cundari – Bruno Valentino Perillo



The war…..the return…. find themselves…. love each other again…..An abstract and physical pas de deux where the movement dominates and tells their own story.


Teatro Greco, Rome 5th October 2007

Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Music: J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi

Costumes: Vienna fashion School “Herbststrasse”

Light designer: Vanessa Tamburi

Lenght: 15 minutes

Dancers: Grazia Cundari – Bruno Valentino Perillo

A contemporary baroque garden, a frenetic choreography without breathing, a baroque cello that with its musical scanning gives back mechanical ritmic accent within movement and within human relationship, the desire to free itself from superfluous and to orientate itself towards a different spirituality.