9th May, British Council – Dar es Salaam

Direction & concept: Kayombo (teacher)

Workshop: Vanessa Tamburi

Music, percussions: Dogodogo children

Traditional dance: Kayombo (teacher)

Costumes: Dogodogo centre

Organization: FLUSSO dance project / British Council (Tanzania)

Budget support: Associazione Filippone Thaulero / FLUSSO dance project / DOGODOGO centre

Dogodogo group will present a dance and music performance on the theme TOGETHER IN DIVERSITY chosen by European Commission for their week EU event ( from 5th to 11th May ). The project is in the WAPI programme which will be included in the EU event week. WAPI is a British Council platform that makes possible for visual and verbal artists in the underground to showcase their art in words and/or artistic language. The underground to mean the upcoming, the undiscovered, those who by design or default are not part of the mainstream.


-9th/17th May 2008, British Council, Dar es Salaam

-from 26th May 2008, Alliance Française, Dar es Salaam


Always in WAPI, Tanzanian street’s children, from DOGODOGO Centre, will present their artworks after six months workshop run by Laura Laakkonen. The exhibition is realized thank to the support of FLUSSO dance project and Associazione FILIPPONE THAULERO ( Italy).