2006 Star voice performance


Lanterna Magika Theatre / Prague 1st October 2006

Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Music: Yoshié Ichige

Costumes & Lighting: Vanessa Tamburi

Assistant: Arianna De Angelis

Visual, acoustic fantasy of universe and star's world. Always the man lifts its look to the stars, removing every element of earth. Lifting the eyes towards the sky of the night, the secret of the cosmos it is approached to us, giving less meaning to futilities and conflicts. All the earthly things have limits of space and time. But the fantasy of man is unlimited, it's growing, it's stretching and transforme itself. The philosophy of the “STARVOICE” performance is to carry with song, music and dance peace and harmony on earth. Across these elements, it's possible to create some important bridges between all humanity and every kind of people. Vanessa Tamburi's choreography gives a plastic presentation of this phylosophic vision, inspired by the music and looking for dynamc forms to the universe fantasy.