2008 VISA 2 DANCE Festival – Dar Es Salaam

The VISA 2 DANCE Festival focuses on Contemporary Dance and Choreographic Research. Contemporary dance provides an expressive and reflective platform for people to examine their inner identities. They discover their sense of place, beliefs, relationships, and aspirations. Art in general, and performing arts in particular, can be excellent drivers of development. Contemporary Dance encourages imagination and creativity, and contributes to open-mindedness and acceptance of different ideas. They can also generate, in the audience, new perspectives and understanding of existing different dance forms and challenging realities. The organizers of the festival, Mionzi Dance Theatre, FLUSSO dance project and Mawazo Gallery worked together with a common objective to developing Contemporary Dance and Choreographic Research in Tanzania through an international dance festival . Through workshops, exchange forums, and performances, VISA 2 DANCE will both reinforce dance skills, rigour, team spirit and emphasize flexibility and openness to development. These skills contribute to creating individuals better prepared to face the challenges of Tanzania’s future, to opening cultural borders and to forge and strengthen links with national, regional and international Artists


©Christopher Guess
©Vanessa Tamburi

VISA 2 DANCE organizers and staff

Artistic Director: Aloyce Makonde / MIONZI Dance Theatre

Artistic Adviser & coordinator: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO dance project

Coordinator & fundraising: Rachel Kessi / MAWAZO Gallery

Technical Director: Evans Bukuku

Sound & light system: Eventlites

Stage set up: Vayle Spring, Aclay Mwalusamba

Press Office: Southern Sun Hotel

Artwork: Blau design ltd.

Sponsors & collaborations

Russian Cultural Institute, the Alliance Française, the Goethe-Institut, the British Council, US Embassy, Embassy of Netherlands, Vipaji Foundation, UNESCO, University of Dar es Salaam Southern sun Hotel, Mawazo Gallery, MIONZI dance theatre, FLUSSO dance project, Golden Tulip Hotel, Dar guide, What’s happening in Dar, Dar life, Real2reel, Ultimate Security, DSM Fitness Centre.


Dance workshops (closed number) / forum – seminars / projections of dance session Mon 20 Oct – Fri 24 Oct 10 am –4 pm Alliance Française – Russian Cultural Centre – British Council

Exhibition of Dance Images 

Movement Frozen in Time (Goethe Institut) Tues 21 Oct. / opening 8 pm Alliance Française

Performances program / Diamond Jubilee VIP hall  

Wed 22 Oct, 7.30pm -Kunja dance theatre (Kenya) Urbanite -651 arts/ Christalyn Wright (USA) Unapologetically Me - FLUSSO dance project (Italy) Barocco&co duo - THT (Tanzania) Proverbs of a witch Dr - Burudani (Uganda) Memoires of Child soldiers

Thurs 23 Oct, 7.30pm - Foot steps (Uganda) MDGs (Mellinium Development Goals) - 651 arts/ Nora Chipaumire (USA – Zimbabwe) Manifesto (excerpt from Thomas Mapfumo Project) - THT (Tanzania) Proverbs of a witch Dr - 651 arts/ Nora Chipaumire – Christalyn Wright – Reggie Wilson - Stephanie Thiersch/MOUVOIR (Germany) Mini-Input - Burudani ( Uganda) Black and white

Fri 24 Oct, 8.30pm - Lumumba theatre (Tanzania) The Finders - Stina Ahlberg & Ulrika Berg (Sweden) Memo Duo - Joka jok (Kenya) Nipe Nafasi - Mionzi dance theatre (Tanzania) The egg upside down - M&L (Nigeria) Rhythm of the night - 651 arts/ Reggie Wilson (USA) Introduction - FLUSSO dance project (Italy) Barocco&co duo