2013 The other

photo by Alexander & Minzi

Time2dance Festival - Dar es Salaam Oct 11 2013

Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Music by: D. Stratos, Val Inc, Electronic sound - Live guitar: Samuel Hokororo - Costumes, lighting, music editing by: Vanessa Tamburi - Performers: Samuel Hokororo, Alfred Julius, Omary Chilla, Hassani Saidi


We have to be more creative suggesting possible solutions to contemporary challenges, trying to develop new economic systems, new political and cultural tools for true integration, in order to improve and embed the new democracies, to make cultural exchange and dialogue among people more prosperous and efficient.

Living together in a harmonious diversity is no longer a spontaneous act; it requires an educational and political effort. The fast changes nowadays do not concede enough time for assimilation and enculturation.

We can no longer live with the assumption of the Others’ absence.