2012/13 Tableau Vivant

A new version of TABLEAU VIVANT has been presented in various festival in NYC

"Moments of pure magic, in which it fits the tight and winning logic of the choreography “ Corriere dell’ Umbria, Italy


Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Music: Arvo Part-Lighting and Costumes: Vanessa Tamburi - Dancers: Gorgia Bovo, Rachel Fallon, Katie Moorhead,


Tableau vivant built on the relentless musical rhythms of Arvo Part, is a choreography that full crossed an intimate connection with the visual arts. By an overlapping and interpolation of signs, the performers recreate a new work, made of patches of green, blue, red and yellow dripping on faces, hands, bodies and they fill the surrounding space, as a global work of art.