Friday 23 September – Alliance francaise -7.30pm

Saturday 1 October – Muda Kona -7.30pm

Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Costumes & lighting: Vanessa Tamburi

Music: Jan Klug - Muda Africa dancers: Fatuma Bwanali, Rabia - Ngwache, Jumaa Said Jumaa, Ikram Mumba, Peter Omari Juma, Mahmoud Mbega.

In the piece the human being becomes a machine itself dissipating Energy and not being able to give up “excess” or transforming it to clean energy. Machines inuence us, compete with us, and when we consume them, they replace our body and our brain, modeling against our freedom as human beings the very essence of our personality. The human body is absorbed by a system that doesn’t give him a way out. Let’s write our new human history towards a responsible use of our natural resources with more sustainable consumption and production patterns