2014 Me-chanical

October 25th, 2014 -The Dance Gallery festival - Alvin Ailey Citigroup theater, NYC

Choreography by :Vanessa Tamburi

Music by : Jan Klug – Andre Paciotto

Costumes by : Vanessa Tamburi

Dancers: Jane Cracovaner, Mateo Melendez, Yusaku Komori


The piece explores the relationship between man and machine, with the awareness that in nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but that everything is transformed. In the piece, bodies become machines. They move travelling daily on the highways, getting dressed, washing, burning fat, dissipating Energy and not being able to give up “excess”.

Machines influence us, compete with us, and when we consume them, they replace our body and mental organs, modeling against our freedom as human beings the very essence of our personality.