Adel Karanov

Adel Borislavov Karanov

Born in Bulgaria, Sofia, in 1980. Adel is an electronic music composer and works in Italy and abroad. He distributes his works in more than 60 countries, 300 online music stores (iTunes,,, etc). Adel has taken part in various artistic projects and has vast working experience.

There is a touch of colourfulness in Adel’s works which is due mainly to his past ballet experience. As he was a student of National Academy of Dance in Rome. Clearly now he composes music for dancers. In his opinion, music should serve a choreographic gesture and emotional expression. He has won a contest for a right to compose music for an advertisement of Gucci, famous fashion mark and soundtrack for documentary films.

 Adel Karanov has two styles of music. Cultured, used mainly in cultural environments such as contemporary dance, art exhibitions, films and festivals. The entertainment style (soft, acousmatic, atmospheric, break, minimal) is made for fashion shows, radio programmes, sound tracking, etc). Some works are created for listening purposes and others for dancing, so their sound "output" greatly differs.

Besides, another particularity of Adel is his origin, Bulgarian Tunisian. As composer he tries to recreate Bulgarian linear rythmic character along with hot African percussions.

What concerns the structure of each work, Adel experiments on the basis of the legacy of the Italian composers of vocal and instrumental contrapunto (Palestrina, Monteverdi, Banchieri, Corelli, Geminiani, Bancheri, Vivaldi). In his view, an avanguarde musical continuum should be presented in multilinear mode, when one idea is suggested by many interconnected melodic lines.

Adel is an evolving artist. Since 2004 he has been specializing in the Conservatory of Latina Italy. His first works were composed by means of Csound. Adel's favourite avanguarde composers are Shaeffer, Maderna, Ligeti and Stockhausen, who have influenced his latest works.



2006 - "CORPO AVI" video Giovanni Caloro, Choreography Luca Russo, videodance Il Coreografo Elettronico Festival

2006 - "DUENDE" Choreography Mauro Astolfi, Spellbound Dance Company

2006 - "THE LAST BEAT" Choreography Vanessa Tamburi, live video Andrea Paciotto ( festival Spoleto 2006)

2005 - "SHOWERTIME" Choreography Luca Russo (Aton-Dino Verga Danza)

2005 - "GAP" Choreography Paolo Santilli, video Giovanni Caloro videodance

2004 - "CORPO.jpg" Choreography Luca Russo, video Giovanni Caloro (Aton-Dino Verga Danza) Journees Theatrales de Carthage 2005


2007  December- Award at the International Festival of theatre and modern art 
"13me Journées Théâtrales de Carthage-2007", held in Tunis and supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture. 



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