In April 1994, Rwanda plunged into chaos 
 Rwanda has consumed a tragedy of the magnitude and manner hardly conceivable. This exhibition has the aim to let the people not to forget

With the collaboration of "Compagnia per la Musica in Roma” and Ludovica Purini, Vanessa Tamburi has taken the organizational Direction of the event CASSINA: SLEEPING AUTHENTIC EVENT in NY on February 28th, 2013. Into the event Barbara Luisi has presented her photo exhibition “Glowing night, Artificial Lights”

Italian Cultural Institute (NY) - June 05, 2013 - Friday, July 05, 2013

A selection of photographs from the Stefano and Silvia Lucchini Collection. Book presentation in  New York: Born Back into the Past . Stefano & Silvia Lucchini (Author), Geminello Alvi (Author), Gianni Riotta (Author)