“E.T. Art Works” is a set of works by the visual artist Ennio Tamburi that his daughter Vanessa Tamburi had from her father during her life.

Ennio Tamburi (Jesi, 1936 - Rome, 2018) lived and worked in Rome and Zurich and was one of the main exponents of pictorial abstraction from the eighties onwards.

Dogodogo exhibition

Inside the WAPI Tanzanian street’s children, from DOGODOGO Centre, will present their artworks after six months workshop run by Laura Laakkonen. The exhibition is realized thank to the support of FLUSSO dance project and Associazione FILIPPONE THAULERO ( Italy).


Wednesday, 2023-01-18 21:11

Set 2022, ME-CHANICAL @ Time2dance Festival 2022, Dar es Salaam

Friday 23 September – Alliance francaise -7.30pm Saturday 1 October – Muda Kona...