2004 Barocco & Co

Museum Quartier Halle E / Vienna 14 October 2004

Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Musical mix: Vanessa Tamburi

Costumes: Vienna fashion School “Herbststrasse”

Images and Video: Igor Bararon / Joachim Koch

Artistic assistants: Barbara Sidoti / Rebecca Gladstone

Lenght: 35 minutes

Dancers: Martina Angioloni / Luciana Fuzzetti / Elisabeth Golibina / Natalia Palshina / Alessandra Pasquali / Flavia Soares / Patrizia Tichy / Maxim Lachame / Igor Milos.

At the time of renaissance of the baroque, our culture, saturated with sophistication and rationalism, turns to wilder idols and to more simple cultures. Inspiration lead by instinct. Cultures incapable of creating immortal masterpieces, but endowed of a different spirituality. An insular, wild research for primeval life, the nudity of Paradise Lost. A piece on the spirit of Baroque and its relationship with primitive spirituality: a parallel with our society and its own research for a different spirituality.



Thursday, 2016-10-20 15:28

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