Activities 2007

December 2007

 -16th December HOMMAGE TO BEJART….SYMPHONIE D’UN HOMME SEUL Bruno Valentino P. gives an important tribute to Maurice Bejart famous choreographer recently disappeared. He has been creating an intense solo on Bach music, retracing across the complex piece, all strong lines of Bejart’s choreographies, from The Rite of Spring (Stravinsky) to Bolero (Ravel).

November 2007

-17th November IST CULTURAL SPACE, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Vanessa Tamburi /FLUSSO dance project presents the DOGODOGO centre in “IST SHOW” a performance of dance , percussions and drama. In the program, international traditional dance pieces have been included (Indian, Japanese, American, Irish and Jazz music), for the occasion of the annual DSG bazar in Dar es Salaam.

October 2007

-26th October British High Commissioner Residence, Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) Vanessa Tamburi/FLUSSO dance project organizes a performance with the DOGODOGO centre, Dar es Salaam, for the presentation of the book proposed by Kasia Parham about Dogodogo street’s children stories. The event has been sponsored by UNICEF and suppported by Cherie Blair and Lady KiKwete.

-24th October KARAMJE HALL, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Vanessa Tamburi/ FLUSSO dance project proposes for the ONE UN DAY the DOGODOGO Centre group with a performance “about poverty” (Music, dance, drama)

-5th October TEATRO GRECO/ Rome CHE DANZA VUOI – dance retrospective ATEM-TABLEAU VIVANT-BAROCCO&CO DUO / Flusso dance project
 choreography: Vanessa Tamburi & Bruno Valentino Perillo
 with Grazia Cundari, Arianna De Angelis, Sara Libori e Bruno Perillo Valentino.
In the same evening:
Crisma Dance / un sogno che vive
Compagnia Incontempo / tra danza, vino, musica e viceversa

September 2007

-From 8th September - Master class and choregraphic laboratory Bruno Valentino Perillo IALS / 3.30 pm - sala 1

August 2007

-12th to 28th August Anacapri DanzaArte 2007 -ANACAPRI DANZARTE 2007 DANCE RESEARCH PROJECT Contemporary classes and choreographic ateliers directed by Bruno Valentino Perillo - Guests: Astra Roma Ballet (Grazia Kundari, principal), Rosella Fanelli (Kathak Dance), Simone Marigliano (photographer, stage designer)

July 2007

-16th to 21st July 2007 - Dance-theatre and Prison Bruno Valentino Perillo will be part of the social project for reintegration of juvenile delinquency in Rome’s prisons. The project started on invitation of the Ministry of Justice.

-4th July 2007 Diana Theatre / Naples - Multimedia performance “I colori del Ventre" - Meeting of international choreographers and performers, different styles and languages of the new European Contemporary dance. In this occasion Bruno Valentino Perillo presents “PAS DE DEUX” a duo with Grazia Kundari (international soloist).

June 2007 

-12 June “Fuoco  Napoletano” performance /event “Camera di commercio, Napoli” FUOCO NAPOLETANO

Event promoted and realized : Casartigiani Napoli -Direction: Maria Rosaria Petito -Project & idea: Vittorio Petito -Choreography: Bruno Valentino Perillo -Light & scene: NO.MA.TE. -Dancers: FLUSSO dance project -Adv: Artemisia Comunicazione

-3rd June “Dance Marathon” with Bruno Perillo IALS, Workshop: Bruno Valentino Perillo Sunday 2 pm

May 2007

-13th / 14th May “Special Workshop Choreographic Composition” IALS -Workshop: Bruno Valentino Perillo Sunday 3 pm / Monday 11 am ( Freddy danceroom)

 April 2007

-12th / 13th April, Theater Akzent, Vienna Choreography for the show of “Herbststrasse” Fashion School, Vienna. HERBSTSTRASSE FASHION SHOW -choreography: Vanessa Tamburi -music: Mix by Vanessa Tamburi -costumes: Herbststrasse Fashion School -light: Vanessa Tamburi

-21st April, Mudra International choreographic centre, Napoli “EMOZIONI D’ORIENTE” Multimedia performance -ETUDE – solo -Choreography & performer: Bruno  Valentino Perillo -Dancer: Klemcy Salsa -Music: Bach Cello suite -Guitare + voice: Marco Mancini

-29th April, IALS Rome Worldwide dance’s day (UNESCO) IALS promotion -Workshop & Masterclass: Bruno Perillo

March 2007

-13th March 2007    FLUSSO dance project Vanessa Tamburi creates FLUSSO dance project  Cultural Association in collaboration with the choreographer Bruno Valentino Perillo.

-21 st March  “Teatro dell’Unione”, Viterbo RAGA JAZZ Rossella Fanelli in collaboration with FLUSSO dance project -Concept by: Rossella Fanelli -Contemporary choreography: Bruno Valentino Perillo -Music: Indo European -Light:Elettronica Mix -Voice: Margherita Vestri -Musicians: Nihar Mehta (tabla), Domenico Caputo (santur), Allararakha Khan (sarangi) -Dancers: Ilaria Passeri / Simona

-23/24/25th March, BARIDANZA XII edition -National Competition of classical, modern and comtemporary dance -Jury:Anbeta Toromani, Bruno Valentino Perillo, Francesca Sani, Max Savattieri

February 2007

-1st / 9th February workshop in Gatenga centre des jeunes, Kigali (Rwanda)

-10th  February performance in Gatenga open air stage -MYTHE ET CONTES DE GATENGA Gatenga centre de jeunesse -Direction & concept: Frank Gerard, Anne Peters -Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi Music, Percussione & coordination:Ben Ngabo -Drama teacher & actor: Augustin Gasak - -Traditional dance: Claire & Ismael -Costumes: Dadmax agency Organization: Evelyne Kestelyn, Regine Kwintner, Benoit Larielle, Benoit Pylyser, Valerio Iovine, Anne Peters, Gianluca Rampolla, Paul Ferran, Jeffrey Bower, Frank Gerard. Finincing Partners: UNDP, UNICEF, UNV, Associazione Matthias Filippone Thaulero, FLUSSO dance project.

The arts, in general, and performing arts in particular, are excellent drivers of development. They encourage imagination, creativity and contribute to open-mindedness and acceptance of different ideas. They can also generate,new perspectives on existing realities.

In this kind of event, artists develop rigor, perseverance and team spirit; these skills contribute to creating individuals who are well-rounded and better prepared to face the challenges of Rwanda’s future.

The project developed  a show of dance, music, drums, theatre, and acrobatics which has involved deprived youth of Gatenga’s centre of Kigali, with the assistance and coordination of international UN staff members and the support of Rwandan and international professional artist

The objectives of the show are to develop artistic skill, imagination and creativity, among disadvantaged youth of the centre, to promote Arts in society, young talent and to realize a synergy between modernity and tradition.

The theme of the show is the dream, the imaginary and what transports us into another world.

January 2007

-22nd /31st  January Gatenga centre des jeunes, Kigali, Rwanda MYTHE ET CONTES  Vanessa Tamburi’s workshop with young students of the Gatenga formation centre in Kigali, Rwanda. 


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Oct 19, 2019 MY STORY @ The Human Rights Film Festival

@ Moresby Arts Theater, Port Moresby 6pm My Story Choreography, lighting & costumes by: Vanessa...