Sep 23, 2017 MOVING IDENTITIES @ Time2dance

Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Video artist: Beatrice Pediconi

Music: Mauro Bagella + Voices

Reading voice: Cecilia Fontanesi

Text: “ Solo Andata” Erri De Luca

Performers: MuDa Africa

Duration: 20 min


MOVING ID is a project by Vanessa Tamburi developed in collaboration with the visual artist Beatrice Pediconi inspired by the text/ poetry “ Solo Andata” (one way only) by Erri De Luca and realized for IDACO nyc in 2016.


The piece tells the stories of men and women fleeing oppressive regimes or war-torn countries. It narrates, through dance and sound track testimonies, their devastating travels, their frustrated dreams, their hopes and their wrecked dramas. Immigrants are too often considered invaders, they are disenfranchised and marginalised. The moral imperative to ensure decent living conditions for all human beings should never be sacrificed on the altar of greedy political and economic interests.

Monday, 2019-10-14 06:22 Age: 31 Days

Monday, 2019-10-14 06:46

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