March 7/9 - TRAPPING @ CURRENT SESSIONS, Wild project, NY

A new version of 10 min of the TRAPPING project will be presented @ CURRENT SESSIONS, Wild project ,NY


The project is a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of intimacy and extroversion an endless chain of associated signs projected on endless moving bodies.


Concept & Video by: Andrea Bianconi - Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Video editing by Sebasten Sanza de Santamaria - Music by S. Sanza de Maria & Vanessa Tamburi - Costumes by: Andrea Bianconi - Performers: Giorgia Bovo & Nile Baker/FLUSSO dance

Sunday, 2014-01-19 23:43 Age: 5 Years

Thursday, 2016-10-20 15:28

Oct 28 - WakuDoki @ Time2dance, Tanzania

WakuDoku project is part of opening night of the Time2dance Festival happening @ Nafasi Art Space...