Nov 14/16 HADITHI YAKO @ Dance Trasmission festival, Kampala



Choreography costumes & lighting by: Vanessa Tamburi -Music by: Adel Karanov - Life bass: Isack Peter - Performers: Isack Peter, Hadija Bakari Mwetta


“I know what it is like to be beaten for having an opinion, beaten for answering back, beaten because he didn’t like what you just said, beaten because he was drunk, beaten because you felt you had rights and asked for them, beaten because you had values and you stood up for them, beaten because he felt you didn’t respect him. I have been beaten for less. Violence against women is everywhere, in every class and in most homes. Yet many of us hide behind the cloak of shame and refuse to speak. But today, I spoke up. And tomorrow I hope you will” By Roel Raymond

Tuesday, 2013-01-22 17:37 Age: 6 Years

Thursday, 2016-10-20 15:28

Oct 28 - WakuDoki @ Time2dance, Tanzania

WakuDoku project is part of opening night of the Time2dance Festival happening @ Nafasi Art Space...