22 Feb 7.30pm - The Last beat 2 @ NYC10 Dixon Place, New York

NYC10 Dance Initiative @ Dixon Place


NYC10 is a unique dance project where 10 emerging dance companies are given up to 10 minutes to showcase their work.

The Last Beat 2

Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Music by: Adel Karanov - Video design by: Andrea Paciotto & Nassos Chatsopoulos - Video editing by: Valentina Priolo -Performers: Gessica Paperini, Valentina Priolo, Erica Tamagnini

The Last Beat 2 is an excerpt of a full length one hour work. The piece is inspired by a trip to Rwanda: In 1994, women were victims of inhuman atrocities. Since then, women have been at the hearth of the healing and reconstruction of the whole Rwandan society. This version of the piece is dedicated to them and their children....

Monday, 2012-01-30 05:19 Age: 7 Years

Thursday, 2016-10-20 15:28

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