Imperfect Dancers (www.imperfect have invited Vanessa Tamburi to create THE CITY OF NOISE, the piece has been premiered at the Visa2dance Festival in Tanzania.

Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO danceproject Music: P.Mottola , F. Frith, R. Matta , B. Parmeggiani, B. Eno /D. Byrne, Pan Sonic, A. Part Musical arrangement & lighting: Vanessa Tamburi Video design: Nassos Chatzopoulos Costums: Vanessa Tamburi / Ina Broeckx Dancers: Imperfect dancers

A sudden chill: I wonder about the meaning of this constant travel. I look for traces of those places, spaces, sounds, languages and life stories that made me changed. Interferences .. I restart with a new desire of moving, open spaces, of indomitable curiosity..I'm in the world...I’m in “The City of noise." It is not a choreography, but photographs of the mind, filtered by flashes of life fleetingly captured in the symphonic rhythm of the metropolis, clicks, views, zooms in New York City. The City where energy flows, where the imaginary world of the dreamers combines with the reel rhythm of the body, immersed in the stressing everyday life. Fragments of memory and present.

Monday, 2011-09-19 17:51 Age: 7 Years

Thursday, 2016-10-20 15:28

Oct 28 - WakuDoki @ Time2dance, Tanzania

WakuDoku project is part of opening night of the Time2dance Festival happening @ Nafasi Art Space...