3/16 Oct Visa2dance 2011

Now in its 5th year, Visa 2 Dance continues to attract professional dancers & choreographers from all over the world to Dar es Salaam.


For audiences in Tanzania, this is a unique opportunity to see some of the best contemporary dance in East Africa from both upcoming and established performing artists. For international dance companies, the festival is a powerful forum for cultural exchange, an exciting chance to share their work with new audiences and to contribute to Tanzania’s burgeoning contemporary arts scene.The event will take place from 3rd to 8th  October in Dar es salaam and ) 9th -15th and 16th Visa 2 Dance extra in Zanzibar. 


Venue in Dar: House of Culture, 6-8 Oct 2011

Venue in Zanzibar: Mtoni palace ruins & Forodhani, 9, 15 & 16 Oct 2011

Activities: workshops -seminars -video sessions

Countries: Tanzania, Gabon, Madagascar, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, USA



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