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Oct 19, 2019 MY STORY @ The Human Rights Film Festival  Monday 2019-10-14

@ Moresby Arts Theater, Port Moresby 6pm My Story Choreography, lighting & costumes by: Vanessa Tamburi Music by: Adel Karanov Video design by: Andrea Paciotto Performers: Meriba Igara / Kwalahu Shawn Nou Singer: Luka...[more]

Sep 20-21, 2019 LOST RIGHTS @TIme2dance  Monday 2019-10-14

Concept free inspired by: “Il cielo degli ultimi” by Maria Grazia Cutuli Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi Music by: Uhuru Republic Video design by: Nassos Chatzopoulos With MuDa Africa dancers Duration: 23 min The...[more]

May 22-24 IDACO nyc 2019  Monday 2019-10-14

IDACO nyc - Italian Dance Connection 
Sheen Center
18 Bleeker St, NYC
 May 22-23 @ 7.30 pm 2019 May 24 @ 7.00 & 9.00 pm 2019 Since its inception in 2015, IDACO nyc garnered listings and features in the New York Times and...[more]

May 24-27 IDACO nyc 2018  Monday 2019-10-14

Baruch Performing Arts Center 
55 Lexington Avenue, NYC (enter 25th Street )
May 24-27 @ 7.30 pm 2017 In 2018, IDACO nyc focuses on ideas of intersection and junction, with particular attention to dialogues between countries....[more]

Sep 23, 2017 MOVING IDENTITIES @ Time2dance  Monday 2019-10-14

Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi Video artist: Beatrice Pediconi Music: Mauro Bagella + Voices Reading voice: Cecilia Fontanesi Text: “ Solo Andata” Erri De Luca Performers: MuDa Africa Duration: 20 min MOVING ID...[more]

June 2-3-4 IDACO nyc 2017  Monday 2019-10-14

IDACO nyc - Italian Dance Connection 
Baruch Performing Arts Center 
55 Lexington Avenue, NYC 
June 2-3 @ 7.30 pm 2017 / June 4 @ 5 & 7.30pm 2017 The IDACO 2017 edition is interested in the intersection of contemporary art...[more]

Oct 28 - WakuDoki @ Time2dance, Tanzania  Thursday 2016-10-20

WakuDoku project is part of opening night of the Time2dance Festival happening @ Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania. The festival will develop during 2 weeks with 4 live events and performances, organized by MuDa Africa....[more]

Oct 22 - WakuDoki - Toyota event, Dar es Salaam  Thursday 2016-10-20

Concept, Direction and Visual: Uovoquadrato - Italy/Tanzania Sound design: Filippo Quaglia aka FILOQ- Italy Life voice: Giulietta Passera (Mangaboo, The Sweet Life Society) - Italy Coreography: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO dance...[more]

May 24-28 IDACO nyc 2016  Sunday 2016-02-07

Event produced & curated by FLUSSO dance project in collaboration with the italian Cultural Institute, NY. 2016 Festival Week, May 24-28, IDACO’s second annual contemporary dance and art event in NYC. A wide variety of...[more]

May 26th - MOVING ID-ENTITIES @ IDACO nyc   Saturday 2016-02-06

Sheen Center, NYC - May 26th, 2016 In collaboration with the visual artist Beatrice Pediconi. Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi Video artist: Beatrice Pediconi Live sound & voice: Marisa Clementi Performers: FLUSSO...[more]

Feb 20th - NOSTOS event @ National Academy of Dance - Rome  Saturday 2016-02-06

NOSTOS. return trip with Vanessa Tamburi Saturday, February 20th at 18 at the Teatro Ruskaja of the National Academy of Dance, the second round of the III edition of the Nostos - return trip. The show returns dancers,...[more]

Dec 5th - Barocco & co duo@ the Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC  Sunday 2016-01-03

Italian Holiday Family Festival Dec 5th @ Smithsonian American Art Museum , Washington BAROCCO &CO DUO By FLUSSO dance project Choreography by Vanessa Tamburi Music by A. Vivaldi , J.S.Bach, G.M. Testa Costumes by Vienna...[more]

Nov 6th - UTAMBILUSHO @ Time2dance Festival  Sunday 2016-01-03

Time2dance Festival - Nov 6th 2015 Nafasi Art Space, Dar Es Saalam UTAMBULISHO ( Identity) by Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO dance Choreography/ Costumes & Lighting by Vanessa Tamburi Music edited by Vanessa...[more]

May 21st TUNNEL CITY @ IDACO nyc 2105  Wednesday 2015-06-24

Sheen Center, May 21st , 7.30 TUNNEL CITY (“Thought thinks, it sees the imagination“ Bruno Munari). Artistic & video concept by: Andrea Bianconi Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi Video editing by: Sebasten Sanza de...[more]

May 22 - 27 Me-Chanical @ IDACO nyc & KODAFE 2015 NYC   Wednesday 2015-06-24

Sheen Center May 22nd, 2015, 7.30 The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York May 27th, 2015 , 7.30 ME-CHANICAL#Lost images By Vanessa Tamburi/FLUSSO dance Choreography by :Vanessa Tamburi Music by : Edited by Vanessa...[more]

May 19-23 IDACO nyc - Italian DAnce COnnection  Wednesday 2015-06-24

IDaCo is a platform and a container for the works of Italian artists or with an Italian component that succeed in creating unique and original scenic paths through body awareness, movement and the contemporary visual arts. The...[more]

March 13-15 /ME-CHANICAL @ CURRENT SESSIONS, NYC  Wednesday 2015-03-11

Wild project - 195 East 3rd Street, New York Ticket in advance @ The piece explores the relationship between man and machine. Machines influence us and often replace our...[more]

ONE THOUNSAND and ONE NIGHT preview - Feb 13 @ Alwan for the Arts, NYC  Wednesday 2014-11-19

FLUSSO dance is collaborating with Alwan for the arts to present a preview of an interdisciplinary performance by its artists in residence in a modern day re-interpretation of the One Thousand and One Nights. This...[more]

Oct 25 - ME-CHANICAL @ Dance Gallery Festival  Friday 2014-07-11

DANCE GALLERY FESTIVAL - The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York October 25th, 2014 at 7:30pm ME-CHANICAL By Vanessa Tamburi/FLUSSO dance With Jane Cracovaner - Mateo Melendez - Yusaku Komori The piece explores the...[more]

Oct 1/4 - KINYAGO @ Time2dance Festival, Tanzania  Friday 2014-07-11

Vanessa Tamburi did 2 weeks ( Sep 22th - Oct 4th) of trainings & workshops with MuDa Africa Students in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The result of the work will be a new piece KINYAGO for the Time 2 Dance Festival in Dar es Salaam....[more]

July 28/ Aug 2 - RED KNOT @Ticino in danza, Switzerland  Friday 2014-07-11

From July 28 to Aug 2 - Vanessa Tamburi will be @ Ticino in danza Festival with the CREATIVE PROCESS workshop and creation of a new piece RED KNOT for the Dance Festival Mon - Sat 11:30 - 15 workshop August 2 - Performance...[more]

June 22nd - ABSTRACT THOUGHTS - KoDaFe NYC 2014@ MMAC  Sunday 2014-06-29

Within the KoDaFe NYC 2014 @ Manhattan Movement & Arts centre, Vanessa Tamburi presents ABSTRACT THOUGHTS Visible signs of sorrow and joy, fear and courage, tension and release: 2 people attempting to communicate their...[more]

June 1st - PIZZICATO FLAVOR & NOTHING ELSE MATTERS@ Purchase college performing art centre  Sunday 2014-06-29

For the final season show of the Dance Cavise centre, Vanessa Tamburi has choreographed 1 new piece and reworked Nothing Else Matters @ the Purchase College of arts performing arts centre.[more]

March 23rd IN DEPTH - Fundraising event  Friday 2014-06-13

Fundraising event organized by "Centro Raccontami" on March 23rd, Vanessa Tamburi has choreographed in collaboration with Alessia della Casa IN DEPTH @ the Martha Graham dance studio. Performers: Alessia della Casa &...[more]

March 21/23 - TRAPPING @ REVERBdance Festival, Baruch Performing arts center   Sunday 2014-01-19

TRAPPING project will be presented also @ REVERB dance Festival, Baruch performing arts center, NY Tickets on sale @ The project is a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of...[more]

March 7/9 - TRAPPING @ CURRENT SESSIONS, Wild project, NY  Sunday 2014-01-19

A new version of 10 min of the TRAPPING project will be presented @ CURRENT SESSIONS, Wild project ,NY The project is a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of intimacy and extroversion an endless...[more]

March 1st - BACH FOR 2 / NOTHIG ELSE MATTERS @ Whiteplains performing arts center  Sunday 2014-01-19

FLUSSO dance has been the guest company with the OFF CENTER dance theater show @ Whiteplains performing arts center organized by the DANCE CAVISE studios. BACH FOR 2 has been shown together with a new piece NOTHING ELSE MATTERS...[more]

Oct 22 - Round table on Italian contemporary dance in New York@ ICI  Monday 2013-10-07

Vanessa Tamburi is part of the round table on Italian contemporary dance in New York @ the Italian Culture Institute, NY on Oct 22nd. Together with the discussion will be also a screening of a short movie on dance directed by...[more]

Oct 11- THE OTHER @ Time2dance, Tanzania  Friday 2013-09-20

Time 2 Dance Festival is a new festival, which shows and promotes the work in progress of the Muda Africa dance students. Time 2 Dance is the project name of all the dance activities of the Muda Africa Training Centre. The...[more]

Sep 22 TRAPPING @ Littlefield, Brooklyn /Moving sound festival  Saturday 2013-05-25

Supported by the Austrian Cultural forum & the Italian Cultural Institute, NY The project is based on Andrea Bianconi’s book ROMANCE and will include a video by the same artist, dancers directed by the choreographer Vanessa...[more]

July 23/25 THE BRIDGE @ Between the seas festival, NY  Saturday 2013-05-25

Project supported by the Italian Culture Institute, NY & the Dance Cavise studios “I know that I am, because I know there is other than me ” (J. Tischner). Vanessa Tamburi's newest creation explores the Bridge as a metaphor: a...[more]

Mar 3rd BAROCOCO for the Off Center dance theatre  Tuesday 2013-01-22

Vanessa will set up a new piece for the OFF CENTRE dance theatre, Mamaroneck NY Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi - Music: Baroque music - Costumes: Vienna fashion School “Herbststrasse”- Danced by OFF CENTRE dance theatre A...[more]

Feb 8/9 TABLEAU VIVANT@Cool Ny 2013 dance festival   Tuesday 2013-01-22

A new version of TABLEAU VIVANT will be presented at the 10th Anniversary of the Cool NY 2013 Dance festival in NYC. "Moments of pure magic, in which it fits the tight and winning logic of the choreography “ Corriere dell’...[more]

Nov 14/16 HADITHI YAKO @ Dance Trasmission festival, Kampala  Tuesday 2013-01-22

HADITHI YAKO Choreography costumes & lighting by: Vanessa Tamburi -Music by: Adel Karanov - Life bass: Isack Peter - Performers: Isack Peter, Hadija Bakari Mwetta “I know what it is like to be beaten for having an opinion,...[more]

Oct 1-7 HADITHI YAKO@Visa2dance Festival 2012, Dar es Salaam  Tuesday 2012-10-02

Vanessa Tamburi is showcasing HADITHI YAKO on Oct 7th within the Visa 2 Dance Festival 2012 with companies from Tanzania, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain , Russia and France HADITHI YAKO Choreography costumes &...[more]

20-21 Aug LOST RIGHTS@Between the seas festival, NYC  Monday 2012-06-25

FLUSSO dance will present LOST RIGHTS at the Wild project theatre in NYC. The performances will be held on Aug 20 - 26 at the Between the seas, a Festival of performing arts of the Mediterranean. Choreography: Vanessa...[more]

27 April 2012 - TABLEAU VIVANT @ 92nd Street Y theater, NY  Sunday 2012-04-15

"Moments of pure magic, in which it fits the tight and winning logic of the choreography “ Corriere dell’ Umbria, Italy Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi Music: Arvo Part Lighting and Costumes: Vanessa Tamburi Dancers:...[more]

22 Feb 7.30pm - The Last beat 2 @ NYC10 Dixon Place, New York  Monday 2012-01-30

NYC10 Dance Initiative @ Dixon Place BUY TICKETS NYC10 is a unique dance project where 10 emerging dance companies are given up to 10 minutes to showcase their work. The Last Beat 2 Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi - Music...[more]

27/28 Jan - THE LAST BEAT 2  Wednesday 2012-01-25

CoolNY 2012 Dance Festival Fri. 1/27 7pm & Sat. 1/28 9pm - John Ryan Theater, 25 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 The Last Beat 2 by Vanessa Tamburi/ FLUSSO dance Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi...[more]

8 Oct 11 THE CITY OF NOISE  Monday 2011-09-19

Imperfect Dancers (www.imperfect have invited Vanessa Tamburi to create THE CITY OF NOISE, the piece has been premiered at the Visa2dance Festival in Tanzania. Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi / FLUSSO...[more]

3/16 Oct Visa2dance 2011  Monday 2011-09-19

Now in its 5th year, Visa 2 Dance continues to attract professional dancers & choreographers from all over the world to Dar es Salaam.   For audiences in Tanzania, this is a unique opportunity to see some of the best...[more]

9 /15 Oct LOST RIGHTS at Visa2dance  Monday 2011-01-10

Dedicated to Matteo Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi -Concept free inspired by: “Il cielo degli ultimi” by Maria Grazia Cutuli -Music by: Brian Eno & David Byrne /Lagash /Jakob Poll -Musical Arrangement: Jakob Poll/Maisha Music...[more]

4-19 Oct - VISA 2 DANCE Contemporary Dance Festival , Dar es Salaam  Sunday 2010-10-03 Event organized by FLUSSO dance project, Aloyce Makonde and Mawazo art centre Location :Diamond Jubilee VIP Hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Mtoni Palace Ruins /City airport, Stonetown,...[more]


Wednesday, 2023-01-18 21:11

Set 2022, ME-CHANICAL @ Time2dance Festival 2022, Dar es Salaam

Friday 23 September – Alliance francaise -7.30pm Saturday 1 October – Muda Kona...