Dance is one of the prominent forms of no oral communication: rich of gestures, meanings, expressions; it is the mirror of society, of thought and of human behaviour. It is the instrument through which our history and cultural diversity are communicated to the world.

FLUSSO as art of the body in movement, as flux of energies, goes through time and space. Contemporary dance continues the revolution produced already years ago by modern dance towards new body expressions and objectives.

The objective is to promote contemporary dance as a language that cuts across other formative languages. Different disciplines, flow and merge themselves stimulating a deeper interrelation between body awareness, movement and the contemporary world.

FLUSSO dance project is an incubator of social-cultural realities, a laboratory of reflection, creation and artistic production.In its choreographic research the FDP has the important goal of creating synergies between body movement, contemporary performing arts and social involvement.


Monday, 2019-10-14 06:46

Oct 19, 2019 MY STORY @ The Human Rights Film Festival

@ Moresby Arts Theater, Port Moresby 6pm My Story Choreography, lighting & costumes by: Vanessa...